Thursday, February 20, 2014

Declutter therapy

Different strokes for different folks, right? As much as I've enjoyed the site and found much of it helpful, at times it gets tedious. Today I'm doing something different and engaging in some "declutter therapy". There are spots in my home that need serious work and today I'm going to work on one of those.

I said I'd update with pics and here they are!
This is a shelf in our hallway that started out with homeschool/preschool supplies and ended up just being a dumping spot for a little bit of everything. I spent only about an hour this morning just clearing the junk and items that didn't belong and this is how it looks now.
Not great, I know. Still looks cluttered but my goal at the moment is just to clear the unwanted and misplaced items. After that, I'll go back through and actually organize. I'm still really pleased with the work I did. There are other spots I'll be working on and  posting about in the future.

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